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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 28, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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p.o.o.p. and of course inevitably s.e.a.l. bait. the contest is at today. hot zone. thousands of residents are told to flee as the wild fire nears the los alamos nuclear facility. fallen star. and dubious distinction. which u.s. city has been named the nation's most sedentary. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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we begin this morning with a recipe for disaster. as if crews in the southwest don't have enough of a challenge battling fierce wildfires burning across the region, now they're in a race to keep those flames from approaching aç nuclear weapons facility in new mexico. nbc's kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: a fast-moving fire continues to burn less than a mile from the lohse as a mohs national laboratory. a mandatory evacuation was ordered for the city of 44,000. >> kind of makes you nervous with all this nuclear stuff around. >> reporter: the secret of nuclear lab has been shut down. all hazardous and radioactive materials are protected. fire crews are working nonstop. >>ly not say there's nothing in the lab. we're doing our best to keep it off the laboratory. >> reporter: los alamos is famous where scientists developed the first atomic bomb. the huge complex is spread out
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over 36 miles. >> obviously our priority is to protect a national asset, protect the facility and we're concerned about the 10,000-plus employees. >> reporter: fire officials warn the fire could double or triple in size. kurt gregory, nbc news. well, mother nature is also meddling with nuclear facilities in nebraska, but instead of fire, water is the threat there. the nation's nuclear power regulators say nebraska's nuclear power plants are safe despite two being swamped by missouri river floodwaters. ft. calhoun is the biggest concern. it's forcing workers to use cat walked to get to the facility there. some has seeped into the buildings but the plant manager says all plant material is dry. 234r50ding is due all along the missouri due to releases of water from upstream reservoirs. well, with new president
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obama has entered high budget talks they're confident a deal can be reached to prevent the nation from defaulting on its debt for the first time in history, however, it still remains unclear how thatç deal will get done with republicans continuing to reject the administration's insistence that higher taxes are a reality to raise the debt ceiling. tracie potts joins us with the details on this. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. you'll recall that republicans walked out of budget negotiations last week saying they wanted to deal directly with the president. that meeting happened on monday. >> the clerk will call the roll. >> reporter: washington's deadlock over cutting the deficit can be summed up in one word. taxes. >> that has to be on the table. >> reporter: but republicans flatly refuse to consider raising the taxes to bring down the country's deficit. >> it's time for washington to take the hit, not the taxpayers rfr by taxpayers, the white
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house is talking about higher taxes for the rich and big businesses like oil companies making record profits, not the middle class. the presidential candidate told business leaders he'd do just the opposite. >> i'd take that corporate tax rate down at least from 35% down to 25%. >> reporter: democrats insist the focus should be on jobs. >> we'll never balance the budget with 14 million people out of work. >> reporter: after the meeting the white house is still confident they can cut a deal to lower the deficit. >> we believe it's possible and we believe that we can do it. >> reporter: without it republicans won't allow america to borrow more and the obama administration said we'll default on our bills in all. the president's trip to iowa is aimed at creating private/public partnerships. here's your first look at some of the other news going on. a massive fire in florida ruined
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oneç tourist hotel and of cour vacation plans for dozens. the inferno destroyed the hotel located near popular amusement parks. it was reduced to a charred shell. over 500 firefighters battled the fire till dawn and an investigation is expected to begin today. a pilot was forced to return to a crowd ud beach as landing strip. an engine failure forced him to set down the aircraft pretty quickly. he flew over beach-goers to make a successful and safe landing on the sand. no one including the pilot and his passenger were injured. finally in hawaii a maui man has paddled himself into the record books. he became the first ever to complete the 300-mile trek between the big island and cue whyy on a stand--up battleboard. it took him 215,000 paddle
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strokes, over five days and nights, and he said the most difficult part was being out on the open sea alone. see? crazy. and now for a look at your national weather, here's nbc meteorologist bill karins with the national weather forecast. good morning to you. >> good morning do you, lynn. that guy was lucky, the airplane story. his engine failed between the bahamas and florida. lucky the beach was there, otherwise he was swimminging. good morning, everyone. let's talk about all the weather stories we have out there. we had the fire, the low humidity out there which continues to give us problems in new mexico. we're also dealinging with thunderstorms that we've been having way too much water around missouri. we're now having issues north of kansas city around st. joseph. new evacuations under wayç on e missouri river. as far as the east coast goes, anyone waking up in florida, i know you've gotten wet the last couple of days, more cloudy than
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normal. a tropical wave is passing down over to yucatan. that will continue for today. this cold front has brought a very enjoyable air mass and the people in minot are getting a break and the people here in northern missouri. at least for now the rain will stay to your south. up the eastern seaboard humidity is increasing, showers increasing too. we had big-time showers overnight. bowling green, we had flash flooding. over the top of nashville, a lot of active weather, lightning strikes. those are the dots you see on the north side of town. dickson, bad storms. further to the east, interstate 40 is going to be a mess going from nashville to knoxville. one other area got a little bit of rain and this is desperately needed in west texas all the way to amarillo, now north of childress, texas, and interstate 40. one area of heavy rain. that's where the drought is the wofrt. we'll take whatever we can get. as far as today, severe weather, i don't expect any tornadoes,
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but well ee see wind. if you're flying in and out of atlanta today, you may encounter some delays. forecast for today, it's going to be mild, it's going to be summer-like, and we'll also have those thunderstorms today. not everyone will be hit. it's going to be hit-and-miss showers for florida right up into the carolinas including charlotte, raleigh, d.c., philadelphia, new york. boston, you're staying dry. texas is hot once again. beautiful weather in the northern plains. if you want to talk hot, lynn, yet was 115 to 116 in phoenix yesterday. >> that sounds miserable. bill, thanks so much. coming up, traders shrug off spendingç stats. new strict crib rules go into effect. and what might be responsible for your higher electric bill. your first look at this morning's business headlines are straight ahead. coming up a tough one for the williams sisters, and who
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. here's some of the top stories making news this morning. the supreme court struck down a california law yesterday banning the sale of violent video games to children. writing for the majority the judge said the games were subject to full first amendment protection. the criminal court has issued an arrest warrant for moye mar gadhafi, his son and a key aide, accusing them of killing civils during libya's uprising. celebrations were held in the cities after the decision. nato and alliance memberses also approved. the daughter of a mother boarding a flight said she had to remove her wet diaper so she could be patted down by tsa
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screeners. they claimed proper procedure was followed. and lexington, kentucky, a town known for its horses has a new distinction. the nation's most sedentary city. taking the top spot for most active city, seattle. well, the verdict is in on the retrial of former illinois governor rod blagojevich. yesterday jurors came to a decision that is virtually certain to land him a significant prison term. experts say up to 15 years. nbc's kurt gregory reports. >> reporter: after two trials and 24 total days of deliberation, the jury and former illinois rod blagojevich's corruption retrial convicted him on 17 of 20 counts. >> well, among the many lessons that i've learned from this whole experience is to try to say a little bit less, so i'm going to keep the remarks very short. patti and i are obviously disappointed in the outcome.
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i frankly am stunned. there's not much left to say. >> reporter: the jury found blagojevich guilty of all 11 charges connected to what prosecutors say was his attempt to sell or trade president obama's old senate seat, news that some legal analysts expected. >> i'm not surprised. the accounts were significant, the details were significant, and the governor's explanations to the jury, i think, were not believable. >> reporter: jurors at the first trial came deadlocked after 14 days of deliberation and agreeing on only some of the counts. this time he testified for seveç days and denied wrong h doing. prosecutors said he lied and the proof was on the fbi wire taps. i've got this thing and it's [ bleep ] golden and i'm not [ bleep ] giving it up, you know. >> the message is don't screw around with taxpayer money or
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you're going to go to jail. >> reporter: he will not be allowed to travel outside the state. sentencing has been set for august 1st. kurt gregory, nbc news. and now here's the a look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow kicks off at 12,043. the s&p gain 11 points and the nasdaq climbed 35. taking a look at overseas trading this morning in tokyo the nikkei was up 70 points while in hong kong the hang seng inched up 20. signs of hope in greece's ongoing debt saga drove markets higher monday. french banks agreed to give greece more time to pay back loans. still they remain uncertain, despite fierce opposition from striking public workers. bank stocks also boosted markets after global regulators allowed lower reserve levels than some had fears. investors shrugged off news
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consumer spending fell last month hoching gas prices will bring increased spending down the road. online amazon rose up 4% thanks to an analyst upgrade. microsoft buzzed over its new cloud software expected to be announced today. sweeping new federal guidelines for cribs go into effect today banning the production, sale, and resale, that includes yard sales ofç drop-side cribs blamed for crib deaths. they must have four sides and undergo safety testing. >> the supreme court agreed to hear a case on whether the federal communications policy banning nudity and swearing on tv violaties the first amendmen. former citigroup ploemt gary foster arrested and charged with embezzling more than $19 million from the bank has pleaded not guilty. after the bell nike rose bell on better than expected
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quarter le earnings. and finally this is a stunning report that claims new hd dvd cable boxes eats up more electricity than the refrigerator. well, in health news this morning calling it very unlikely to be pure coincidence. officials in england and the netherlands are advising people to avoid raw salad shoots and seeds after scientists listed at least two cases of e. coli in france and it was linked to the same rare and highly toxic strain responsible for the recent outbreak in germany which sickened almost 4,000 and killed 47 people. for more information on this and other health stories you can check out the health page at coming out, the dodgers come out swinging on the same day they file for bankruptcy. and the tigers' manager
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claws at the umps. what do you get when you mix cirque du soleil and baseball? that.
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msnbc. welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry. one of the oldest and most famous franchises has filed for bankruptcy. here's nbc's fred roggin.
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l.a. dodger owner frank mccourt filed for bankruptcy protection in an effort to keep major league baseball from seizing the team and he secured yet another loan, $150 million and it's up to the bankruptcy court to approve that financing to make payroll. he owes $40 million by thursday. that didn't affect their play in the field. they combined for a season-high 24 hits. matt kemp let the way with four including homer. he may not get paid. they win, 15-0. jim leyland got his money's worth. he gave the umpire a piece of his mind. he was ejected. later he laid out nobody was sayre. he went on a tear. the tigers tied it two in the eighth. jhonny peralta couldn't make the
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play. in came the go-ahead run. tigers beat the blue jays, 4-2. great catch by the rays' sam fuld. he gota late start. made an over-the-shoulder grab before crashing into the wall. unfortunately not enough. the reds won it 5-0. for the first time in 2006 there will not be a williams sister in the quarterfinals. both lost their fourth round matches. finally back to the diamond for the most wildest pitch you you'll ever see. oh, my, a spinning black floop and top to home plate. the flip was incredible and a perfect strike to the catcher. that's your first look at sports. i'm fred roggin. for another quick look at the weather, here's meteorologist bill karins who has acrobatic tricks himself. >> that's like the people do in arizona. they're on the pavement and it's hot.
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>> i imagine when it's 115 degrees. >> i spent some summers swimming in the pools in phoenix when it was 120 degrees. you go in the water and you're sweating when you're swimming. it's groechlts it's not good. let's talk about what's going to happen in the east. d.c., we've got showers coming out of the mountains over 81. on u interstate 66, you may see a sprinkle or two. i don't thinking you're going to have a lot of wet weather for your morning commute. later this afternoon, better chance of showers and storms. clouds too. don't expect a perfectly sunny bright day like we had yesterday. the humidity is up. temperatures are very warm. 75 to start your morning in washington, d.c. we're 73 in new york. a lot of the suburbs were in the 60s. forecast for today, scattered showers and thunderstorms. again, it's going to be hit and miss. 88 for your high in philly. you're going to need some sunshine. tomorrow we clear it out for a rather nice beautiful summer's day. scattered storms. nothing too bad. >> thanks so much. coming up, lady gaga is
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accused of having sticky fingers over her bracelet sales. plus updates on charlie sheen's old show,ç new show an domestic situation. a little bit of everything this morning. your first look at enter tin management is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on
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welcome back to "first look." i'm lynn berry and it's time for entertainment news. news of charlie sheen's small screen feature is heating up. he signed for a new show with lion's gate television which in negotiatin
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outlites, with tbs said to be n the front run eric and cable is preferred because this sheen show will be racier. stay tuned. sheen will make less up front, but more of a percentage meaning he could make more than he did at cbs. meanwhile sources tell tmz that ""two and a half men"" chuck lorre will make sure he never returns to the show by killing his character, driving him off a cliff. >> and also natalie kenley, the last of sheen's so-called goddesses moved out. she's not happy about it. he reportedly asked her to return a mercedes he bought for her. a class action lawsuit has been filed against lady gaga who allegedly pocketed some of the proceeds for the "we pray" bracelet for japan. >> i hope not. >> this is a little sketchy.
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she was about to start a concert in toque yes that same day. she's donated a lot of personal money. >> hopefully it's somebody that works for her, not her. >> you want to hope something like that is not happening. i'm lynn berry. this is "first look" on msnbc. stay tuned. "way too early" is up next. he talks with both parties about making some kind of deal on the budget. the question is why should we expect the president to succeed and bring these two intractable positions to the middle where everyone else has failed. meanwhile riding high on the poll that showed her tied with mitt romney in the state of iowa, michelle back marn formally launches her campaign there. the question is if bachmann wins where does the republican primary go from there? and the voice of a generation is silenced as rocket rod blagojevich is convicted on 17 counts of


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